Afghanistan Independent Bar Association in Exile

Afghan Independent Bar in Exile

The Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) was formally created by the legislative act of the Advocates’ Law, which was passed by the Afghan Parliament in November 2007. The AIBA is unique to all other independent bar associations in that its Constitution enshrines the presence of women members in the leadership and decision-making levels of this institution.

The AIBA works to promote and protect the rule of law, social justice and implementation of Islamic instructions in Afghanistan. The AIBA believes in the right of Afghan citizens to have disputes heard and determined with the support of defense attorneys who are well-qualified, committed to the ethical practice of law and able to practice independently regardless of any discrimination and without interference.

Assistance towards the work of the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association and development of this website is credited to the International Bar Association.

Human rights violation complaint form

Online forms are available for defence lawyers and citizens to complete